The foundation

The foundation for the approach of The New Business as Usual is provided by the threefold human- and world image Where the three central values of Freedom, Equality and Mutuality are becoming clearer and clearer in their respective dynamics, which is why a few frontrunners are now able to regard themselves and their organizations as living organisms. With thanks to the philosopher Rudolf Steiner and organizational expert Bernard Lievegoed. 


Next to all the members of my Inspirational Board, The New Business as Usual is also inspired by Koos Bakker, Steve Briault, Annemarie Ehrlich, John Hogervorst, Damaris Matthijsen and Thom Thomison.


Publications of the following authors have influenced the The New Business as Usual: Lex Bos, Dieter Brüll, John Hogervorst, Frederic Laloux, Bernard Lievegoed, Kate Raworth, Jan Saal, Otto Scharmer en Rudolf Steiner.

How does The New Business as Usual work…