meaningful and custom

Our activities are designed to ask questions or to provide answers to the question behind the question. On the other hand, our activities may also directly offer answers and Solutions to the question you may have. At any rate: we are there for you, bring us your dilemma or be inspired. We offer custom solutions with as single motivator: unfolding potential in a healthy way.


Initiatives and events, aimed at inspiration and development.

Vital Space

Bring complicated challenges back to their essence in a Vital Space… Read here how that works

New entrepreneurship

Inspiring meetings around entrepreneurship and a healthy economy and society. Participate in a scheduled event or initiate one yourself. Continue reading….


Fit-for-the-21st-Century Scan -aka- Donut Scan

Is your organisation fit for the 21st Century and its challenges? We help you, quick and simple, with the help of the 5 business design principles of Kate Raworth (author “Donut economics”) through the donut scan, continue reading.

Taking ownership and steward-ownership

Would you like to transform your ownership to a structure that fits the 21st century? Or are you a start-up that wishes to integrate? Continue reading…

special ProgramS

Although all business should transform towards The New Business as Usual, there are industries where the integration of new structures are particularly important (like the healthcare industry) or there are moments of disruption (like a crisis) that offer great momentum to truly do things differently. The New Business as Usual offers specials programs tied to this, like Second Founding (for entrepreneurs facing bankruptcy, for example because of the lockdowns) and Healthy entrepreneurship (for healthy structures in the health-care industry).

Who are The New Business as Usual….